The Hub

The Hub
at Harlescott Junior School


What is the Hub?

The Hub is an attractive new school build at HJS that will provide:

  • A safe and predictable structured environment
  • Opportunities for children to revisit early missed ‘nurturing’ experiences
  • A supportive, caring and attractive environment
  • A prime location for interventions – closing gaps or emotional literacy
  • Experienced and skilled staff who work on building positive relationships
  • A strong emphasis on the development of language and communication skills
  • A support to those children who have difficulties with their social, emotional and mental health or display challenging behaviours.


Take a closer look

Attractive Classroom Learning space

Kitchen and Eating Space

Shower area and Adult & child W.C.

Outdoor Play Area

Haughmond Federation Commitment to Inclusion

The Hub team work closely with the Federation’s Safeguarding team, SEND Leader and SLT.

We endeavour to respect and support every child.

An equity lense will be used to respond to each child’s needs, taking into consideration their:

  • Life experiences
  • Strengths
  • Communication needs
  • Learning needs
  • Emotional, social and mental health needs
  • Developmental needs





  • Provide a small scale setting where children can experience nurturing support from skilled staff
  • Break down barriers to learning
  • Have a predictable, calm and purposeful environment and timetable
  • Develop self-esteem and social skills
  • Develop positive relationships between adults and children, building trust, confidence and reliability.
  • Develop responsibility for oneself and others and understand appropriate behaviour
  • Help children make decisions and sensible choices by understanding the consequences that certain behaviour has
  • Work in partnership with parents/carer and class teachers to achieve consistency
  • Prevent possible exclusion – but not afraid to exclude if necessary for safety for others and to set firm boundaries.


The Hub Team

  • Mrs Thain

Inclusion Leader and Deputy Head teacher

  • Mrs McGrath

Nurture Leader

  • Mrs Atherton-Jones

Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Braddick

Teaching Assistant


Curriculum Approach

Our curriculum is blended with main class learning experiences and a strong emphasis on PSHE. We aim to develop a greater understanding of the 6 main emotions by delivering lessons from Finding Your Way Emotional Literacy by Kay Brophy and we follow the PSHE Association also.

Children benefit from additional aspects of school life such as: Daily Mile, using the outdoor Gym Equipment, Outdoor Learning, ELSA Art therapy and Lego Build to Express emotional intervention.

Ultimate Success

A measure of our success is each child successfully reintegrating back into their mainstream classroom for increased periods of time or even full-time. If not, we will work with external agencies to support a journey towards children access a specialist provision outside of Haughmond Federation.

We will continue to be recognised as an inclusive setting that works tirelessly to push the boundaries of a school’s traditional role in the community.

We are the creative, inclusive school team who are finding solutions to current exclusion trends in the county.


What are parents saying about us?

Absolutely amazing. So, so proud of him. An excellent week all round. Really has done himself proud. Well done Mrs Thain and the school crew.

Y6 parent

Thank you so much for your message. It’s brought me to tears. We can see so much change in him. He can’t wait to tell us about his day especially about when he’s found it hard but decided to come back to The Hub. THE Hub and your support has been absolutely what ‘X’ needed. We can’t wait to see what the next half term brings.

Y4 parent