Class Dojo

If you would like to sign up for a parent account on ClassDojo!  Here is a link to follow: 

As you may be aware, for the last couple of years we have been using ‘Class Dojo’ as a points and reward system for children in class. So far this year, our teaching team have been working hard to support our children with their understanding of our behaviour code: ‘Ready,  Respectful, Safe’. Across the Federation this code is used by all staff to reinforce positive behaviour choices. Along with this, teachers invest time discussing with classes which behaviours or actions demonstrate that they are showing they are ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’. When teachers observe such choices, the children will be awarded with an online Dojo (like an online sticker).


Two other ways to earn an online Dojo are:


  • To show an excellent  contribution in class discussions or in workbooks
  • To read at home and gain an adult entry into their Reading Diary — (currently this awards 2 Dojos as we love to see the children reading as much as possible out of school).

Each week we celebrate and acknowledge how well children have responded. To do this, the children receive an email home to their parents to acknowledge their excellent efforts and are mentioned in Sunshine or Achievement Assembly so class friends can say well done too.


We now have the opportunity to share Class Dojo with parents/carers so you can join us as we celebrate their good conduct at school. This would enable you to see instantly how many Dojo’s you child has earned and what they have earned them for. If you would like to sign up for a parent account on ClassDojo!  Here is a link to follow: 

You can use it on any device: it’s a simple, free mobile app for iOS and Android, and can also be accessed from your computer at

Please note this service will only be used for the Dojo rewards. No other information will be sent to parents/carers via this app, we will continue to use Weduc. Messages should not be sent to teachers via Class Dojo, these will not be looked at or responded to.