Maths Curriculum

At Haughmond Federation we use a mastery approach to teaching Maths. To support this teaching approach we use the Power Maths scheme of work as our main resource alongside the NCETM and White Rose materials too. We have been working with the SHaW Maths Hub for the last few years to ensure we are offering the best possible professional development opportunities to our teachers for them to be skilled in teaching in a mastery way, this professional development runs from EYFS through to Y6. To support the Early Adopters framework in EYFS we use the White Rose materials to support the teaching of the early skills to ensure there is a depth of understanding across those early objectives to enable children to develop a depth of learning as they move through KS1 and 2. In KS1 we use Maths seeds to target specific objectives and to allow the children some independence in their own learning which can be accessed at home and at school. In KS2 Numbots and TT Rockstars are used to support children in closing gaps in learning and rapid recall of their times tables. We encourage all children to be confident in having a go and exploring different ways to solve problems and to find effective and efficient methods to find answers, this comes from having a purposeful, encouraging and engaging environment and the belief that all children can achieve in Maths. Children at Haughmond Federation are actively encouraged to deepen their knowledge by the use of talk partners, group work and the expectation to be able to explain their mathematical thinking in a concrete (use of manipulatives), pictorial (draw their own pictures or representations) or abstract (their thoughts) way.

Calculation Policy

Power Maths Powerpoint for Parents

Power Maths learning characters link to our Values and encourage growth mindset of having a go and making mistakes to deepen our understanding.