At Haughmond Federation, children use The Charanga Musical School scheme, which provides pupils with exciting week-by-week lessons, delivered by their class teacher. In line with the curriculum for music and guidance from Ofsted, Charanga gives pupils chance to develop their performance technique, use and understand musical notation, listen to a range of music and develop their understanding of the history of music. Pupils focus on a topic, or piece of music. They then go onto developing their listening, improvisation and instrument skills, including the voice. Children have loved taking part in these dynamic music lessons, with the rest of the their class, with progression shown as they move from one year to the next.

The federation are lucky to have a specialist peripatetic music teacher. Mrs Allen- Brown comes to both schools in the federation on a Wednesday, where the children sing songs and have the opportunity to use a variety of musical instruments. Mrs Allen- Brown links her lessons to the topics being covered in school, as well as using key musical vocabulary. There is also an opportunity for the children to join an after school music club.

As well as the children receiving their weekly lesson from Mrs Allen-Brown, we also use a dedicated music scheme in school to futher extend the children’s knowledge and understanding of the subject.


Musical Key Vocabulary

Community Grant

The federation was very lucky to recently receive a £1000 community grant for the Tesco bag for life scheme. The money has helped us to purchase a wide range of musical instruments in class sets, to further enhance their learning alongside the Charanga scheme.